I’m out of the country.

Doesn’t that sound exotic? The truth of the matter is I’ve never, ever been anywhere that required a passport. We’re in Ottawa at the moment (a wonderful city – don’t get me wrong). You do go through customs, but they only need you birth certificate (to assure themselves that you are actually a human being who was BORN as opposed to a droid from the states that is there to take over all the Provinces, especially, Nunavut).

Some of the highlights of the trip have included skating on the World’s longest skating rink, being rescued by Spiderman on the World’s longest skating rink (a story for another time), seeing the amazing ice sculptures at Winterlude or “Bal de Neige,” eating poutine and Beaver tails (not at the same time), eating lovely food, having a delightful time with family and meeting lots of lovely people.

When I get home I’ll put some pictures up (at least one of Spiderman, eh?).