First of all, I MUCH prefer Crazy For You when it doesn’t involve being in a much smaller, quieter production of A Little Night Music with a BIG ol’ equity cast of Crazy For You thunderously hoofing in the much larger, fancier theater overhead. Also, we got royally screwed when it came to dressing rooms because of them. DAMN YOU, YOU PAID GERSHWIN HOOFERS!!! Actually, I knew some lovely people in that cast, and I realize it was nothing personal when they added festive tap-dancing percussion to, oh, perhaps Every Day a Little Death or Send in the Clowns (if Sondheim were dead he’d have wept in his grave; as he’s alive I’m sure he was blissfully unaware of the whole fiasco). Moreover, it was not their fault that the management paraded through the halls with elderly potential donors while we were trying to do wigs and makeup in the halls (wretched dressing room situation – remember) wearing pretty much nothing but tights and corsets. I cannot decide if this might have provided a sort of impetus to donate money to the theatre or if it was a big detraction to dishing out the loot. I certainly don’t claim to be easy on the eyes corseted and sparsely dressed.
I shall pen a satire called 'Crazy Like Me.'  It might not be as festive and witty, though.  On second thought, it would be wholly depressing.  Forget it.

Anyhoo, at the Scera Shell production of Crazy For You tonight, replete with dashing Link Hogthrob – Sorry – it’s Lank Good-fer-Nuttin (or something fairly close to that), I rather enjoyed myself (especially after the elderly “sing-along” couple left – JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE SONGS DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD SING THEM FROM THE AUDIENCE, n’est pas?). And Holy Belt-buckle, Batman! I also got the inside scoop on some of the backstage action from go-betweens, Zoe and Emma. And Emma regaled me with some of the amusing snafus that have occured during other performances. That was very enlightening.

But surprise, SURPRISE – who was standing there after the show – in their very famous flesh (except wearing clothes) clear from New York – my lovely friends Michael and Frank! (True – hadn’t actually met Frank until tonight, but I already considered him my lovely friend because of Michael – you just get to be lovely by association.) It was too, too surreal and serendipitous. Thanks for the memories, Michael! And thanks for patiently bearing with all the memories, Frank! And last, but certainly not least, many thanks to you, Lank, for the belt buckle and all for which it stood. You were tremendous!