Heartfelt apologies to e. e. cummings (even though he’s dead).

I started this “All Lauds and Honours” blog entry for Blobbies in May. Okay, I wrote the title on May 1, 2005 and then became distracted by the e. e. cummings poem upon which I based it (“i sing of Olaf glad and big”) and became intrigued with my great-grandfather’s World War I history in Engineer Company 5 (his name was Olaf – Olaf Wilford Monson – so it’s not QUITE as tangential as one might think) and was caught up mulling over whether or not he was really “glad” and “big” – he was to some extent but that is, indeed, a subject for another time.

So – BLOBBIES!!! It turns out that now is an opportune to discuss said creatures, as the OFFICIAL Blobby Farm is now open!
Super cool logos are free!
Lawn Party

Not only is it a website of amusement and delight (peruse it – you will agree), it is the official source for Blobby purchases. AND THERE IS STILL TIME if you’d like to purchase a Blobby as a Christmas gift for your niece or you mail carrier or your boss or your cat OR the Queen of England (I’m thinking that she has NOT been privileged to meet any Blobbies). If you order your Blobbies by December 20th, you should receive them by Christmas (if you are not in Iceland, that is. You’d have to check with Blobby Farmers Maria and Chris about their Reykjavik shipping policies).

Oh – have I said that I LOVE Blobbies? I am Blobsessed; it is true. Read about my EXTREME Blobbsession of last Christmas in my Holiday Gift Ideas.

Let me introduce you to my collection:
Shiver me timbers and yo-ho-ho! The Dread Pirate Ned sails these here seas in search of a good home where he can stash his booty. Can he stash his big booty at your house?

Dread Pirate Ned 1

Don't let that glazed look fool you. Shawny might be tired (sometimes they call him

Shawny Donut 1

What exactly is a Hoosier? Nobody really knows, not even those of us in Indiana. Let Hoosier, Jr. solve this mystery of the ages. So what exactly is Hoosier, Jr.? Um, I don't know that either.

Hoosier, Jr. 2

This little guy was found in the hollow of an old tree and nearly died of the mildew.

Peek-A-Boo Radley, Jr. 1

Hey Napoleon, gimmee some of your tots.

Tot, Jr. 2

Some may see it as a plucking predicament, but Uni's proud of his singular eyebrow. What are you lookin' at?

Uni, Jr. 1

Also, take a look at my entry to last year’s Blobby Coloring contest, for which I received a “FREAKISHLY Honorable Mention” in my age category.
I added Puppies and Kitties - it was inspired.

For which I won this:
Kitty Crud loves to play with cats, and they love her too, since she is stuffed with catnip! Thanks to Emily Mecham for the suggestion.

Kitty Crud 1

My nephew, Leif, won first place in his age category (talented little spud).