A group of women looking at the “junior” seasonal t-shirts were exclaiming with shock and awe (works here too, yes?) at the baby-doll “T” that said “Jingle my Bells.” Wait – perhaps it was “You can Jingle MY Bells!” Oooooh – it could have even been, “Jingle THESE Bells” (if you want to know for certain I can tell you where to purchase said item, but let’s leave that a mystery here). Naturally, the little girl with them asks:

What does, “Jingle My Bells” mean?

There was a long pause (long to accommodate our exit, anyway), but Shirleen and I were stifling our laughter too assiduously and with such great difficulty that we didn’t get to stay and hear the response.

Parents, PLEASE tell me what you would have said to your young child in answer to this festive query. And bear in mind YOU have the luxury to think a bit about your reaction. Maybe I could even consider this a Public Service Announcement like the ones from Phillip Morris that tells you how to talk to your children about cigarettes. Of course, if it’s like those PSA’s, then this one would have to be sponsored by…Hooters (probably worse).

Ah yes, “The More You Know.”