So I’m on to Plan G (I believe) with my major holiday craft project. It seemed simple and elegant; it is now gargantuan, pollution-emitting and, to be frank, slightly dangerous.

The “Rock Men” have been very helpful. They, for instance, inspired my very special hand-crafted water bath made from a piece of laminate flooring. Nonetheless, I’ve broken TWO MORE diamond drill bits (at least this time the didn’t go flying into the air or put me in danger of putting out an eye). I went to replace them, and the “Rock Men” very sweetly told me that one needs to be patient and I was PERHAPS bearing down too hard with my DremelĀ® tool. Well, in truth, they are more frank than that; they said, “You’re pushin’ too hard.” They then suggested an alternative to suddenly magically assuming the patience of Job. One of the “Rock Men” even showed me how to do it. It looked straightforward, I have the tools, I thought Plan F was well on its way. Nope. I now have ruined approximately two yards of REAL “half-round” silver wire (priced by the GRAM, for crying out loud).

So please, pretty PLEASE, wish me luck with Plan G. It’s a little sticky, but at least no one will sustain second or third degree burns from it.