A Very Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to All Y’all. My greeting is late, because I went to Blobby Farm to link to my favorite Valentine’s Blog-E-Gram (okay it’s the ONLY Valentine’s Blob-E-Gram, but it’s AWESOME), and was met with this tragic message:

Sadly, Blob-E-Grams have been abused by spammers and will be unavailable until we can get this sorted out. Thanks for your patience.

CURSES on you, abusive spammers!!! It’s reprobates like YOU who ruin it for all of us! To quote something I recently heard exclaimed by a group of young girls (particularly Emma), “The horror, THE HORROR!” Forlorn and despondent, I took to my bed (okay, I would have done that ANYWAY, but it sounds better when I can blame it on something).

Today, a ray of sunshine! Mary Ellen, The Very Best Aunt in the WIDE WORLD had sent me a copy of a Valentine’s e-card. I wasn’t able to make it function properly until today, but it was worth the wait. Here ’tis:

A Screaming Banshee Goes on a Date

It’s no Blob-E-Gram, but is nonetheless VERY deserving of praise and accolades.