Yes, it’s true: Internet Explorer HATES educational television. TWICE, now, when I’ve prominently featured links to The Learning Channel or the History Channel (see “STAY IN BED or Learn THIS!!!” and “Musha ring dum a doo dum a da…“) Internet Explorer gets its panties all in a wad and messes up the way my blog columns wrap (I HATE the word “panties,” so that’s quite severe effrontery coming from ME). I cannot figure it out. I finally gave up TRYING to delve into the problem the first time and shall probably end up utilizing the same cop-out method for yesterday’s entry, too.

So why bother even mentioning it? Because I want to EMBARASS the browser. As a matter of fact, I am WRITING this using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox (which, in case you haven’t noticed the slightly OBVIOUS clues, I rather PREFER). SHAME and DEGRADATION, IE, for your obvious aversion to educational television. SHRINK BACK those excessive column widths out of MORTIFICATION!!!

That should do it.