Yes, I’ve been horrifically remiss. I’ve been shamefully negligent. I’ve been thoughtless and SLIPSHOD. “About WHAT?” one may ask. “Posting new and exciting material on my blog,” I reply. One responds, “I wouldn’t say you post ‘exciting’ material EVER.”

Please forgive the brief pause during which I kicked one’s ASS.

I must apologize to all those faithful readers (all two – THREE?? – they say optimism, even when misplaced, is worth trying) who have waited with bated breath for my next entry. Unfortunately, if they paused with TRULY bated breath, they are now dead from hypoxia. Wow. I suppose that means I’m writing for NO ONE. Then again, there are those who may argue that doesn’t change a thing.

Whatever the case, for you gratification (or my own) I will now supply images of three – I repeat – THREE most gorgeous babies.

I think should start with the most “overdue” announcement:
Lily Grace M.

I STOLE this copyrighted picture...

Born August 25, 2006

In this photograph (taken September 23, 2006), she is pictured with her lovely mother, Rachel (who is the roommate from this entry) and her father, Joel (it isn’t that he’s NOT lovely, but I’m not sure how he’d feel about that descriptor).

And then:
Harper Elyse W.

It's just CRIMINAL for anyone to look this good RIGHT AFTER THEY GAVE BIRTH - am I right?

Born September 26, 2006

I believe this is the second or third photograph EVER taken of her. Harper is my first cousin once removed (thank you, Aunt Mary Ellen, for FINALLY explaining that in a comprehensible way to me, as the concept of having relatives “removed” has always baffled me – I still need to make a chart of this information). That means that her beauteous mother, Jennette (in the picture, obviously), is my first cousin. And she liked to run around naked in our backyard when she was little. That’s how she sunburned her wee bottom. Sorry, Jennette, some things you just never live down.

And last, but certainly NOT least, I failed to report the following rite of passage in a timely fashion:
Paisley’s First Birthday

Frosting IS the best part...

October 1, 2006

Yes, my youngest little niece is now ONE. And my PARENTS went to Kansas WITHOUT ME and didn’t even bring me a T-shirt. MEAN!

With the “Time Flies” concept and whatnot, I will blink and Paisley will be a nuclear physicist or an exotic dancer or something (just KIDDING, Ashley and Charles: I don’t think she shows an early aptitude for physics).