HAPPY free floating INFINITE Birthday Balloon!

Oh, the gladness for the natal day for not one, but TWO illustrious women!! A hail and hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grettir’s Mom, who is, among many other notable and wondrous things, The Laundry Goddess of the WORLD.
HAPPY free Birthday Cake # 1

AND a hail and hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and a SPECIAL wish for your mazel to be dominant!!!) to Jodi (you lil’ punkinhead) in her Jodiverse BECAUSE SHE SAYS SO!
HAPPY free Birthday Cake # 2

And if you happen to think that this entry is fraught with clip-art, you are right. But I couldn’t go through over thirty pages of FREE birthday clip-art and not use SOMETHING (though I assiduously avoided the creepy clowns).

However, I couldn’t help but use this:
This should perhaps have a warning that it was vomited upon by Disney®.
It may be cloying, but you cannot say it isn’t Fancy!

Oh HORRORS! I almost forget that most important new-fangled Birthday tradition:
HAPPY free presents!!!

Indeed, I hope that you both had a:
Happy HAPPY gratis Birthday Greetings!!!

NOTE: The size of the each respective Birthday cake is in no way related to the sincerity of the intended greetings. Also, almost every image in this post danced about or twinkled or winked or frolicked (to the point that I am now slightly motion sick). However, having evidently reached or exceeded the “twinkly/dancy” quota, I cannot guarantee the consistent animated nature of the above-mentioned images. Also, when I tried to delete frames from the floating pink balloon animation (so that STUPID, STUPID I.E. could handle it – it couldn’t just automatically compensate like FIREFOX) then it wouldn’t upload. So it’s I.E.’s fault that the balloon is WONKY, not mine. Mind you, this should in no way detract from anyone’s Birthday joy and celebration (which, by Kate Law, should last at least a week after your actual birthday).
HAPPY free floating INFINITE Birthday Balloon!