Thank you Ashley, for providing the PERFECT segue into a shameless self-promotion. Ashely asked:

Hey KAte-

Can you find me some place to buy blueberry bluecheese? I have had no luck. We had it that one time at the Juhl house, but haven’t ever seen it since.

The untimely demise of the Juhl Haus was a tragedy, indeed. Nonetheless, Smash, I CAN help you find that very product. Moreover, if you purchase it THROUGH me, I will get a cut of the profits!

WHAAAAT??? One may ask? Well, as any self-respecting TUROPHILE blogger would do, I have become a CHEESE affiliate. Oh yes. No Amazon affiliation for ME (it’s so DONE – sorry, My Friends). OKAY – so I am a Barnes and Noble Affiliate (not that I’m not an Amazon and everywhere else shopper), but I think the interface at Barnes and Noble is much prettier.

Back to the CHEESE, of course. I am a affiliate (and YES, please use my affiliate links from my right-hand sidebar if you’d like to buy some CHEESE or Cheese supplies or even books and Barnes and Noble). has a HUGE and varied selection (the largest I’ve seen), which impressed me, and they always have something on sale. The thing that REALLY impressed me, though, was that when I had difficulty obtaining their “raw datafeed” – I’m actually considering my own Cheese Shoppe storefront – I sent an email to them. And what do you know, THEY CALLED ME! I didn’t catch the call, so they LEFT A MESSAGE. How’s that for service? That was a while ago. Hmmm. I should RETURN that call.

Anyhoo, YES, Smash, I can help you find a lovely blueberry blue-cheese. I think what we had at Juhl Haus was a Blueberry Stilton. Ah ha! What do you know? If you click on of the links in my right-hand sidebar (either the moving banner for OR one of the three cheeses on special right now) you will get to the webpage. There, if you search by “blueberry” you will find that they carry “White Stilton with Blueberry Truckle” – essentially the same thing we had. And it looks just DELICIOUS. It is an English cheese, which surely, is the ONLY kind of Stilton one should trust, as it’s named after an English village – where, ironically, it has never been made. It is produced nearby in three local counties and is only licensed to be produced IN THOSE COUNTIES by one of six strictly-audited dairies.

So, if you NEED cheese (and one does not “want” cheese, one NEEDS cheese), PLEASE purchase your cheese through me!