I thought all the love was gone…

No comments whatsoever concerning my new midnight blueness and pirates (argh!) and my titillating and ongoing fruit fly battle. Isn’t that sad?

So I decided to leave myself a comment, under the pretense of “testing” the function of the apparatus. Really, I was just being like a busker who puts the money in their own guitar case so that other people will throw money in there, too. Pitiful.

But what did I discover? The comment function ISN’T working. HUZZAH!

Oh. I mean I’m very sorry. I’ll see if I can figure it out or, better yet, if I can beg the assistance of The Mighty Guru (of PANTS), who did, after all, put my “infinite” sidebar back (his choice of words, though I suppose I cannot completely disagree).

Thank you, and Good Night.