With invaluable assistance of The Guru (okay, “assistance” is somewhat misleading – I looked at some WordPress themes and when he proposed the current one I said, “OOOH – I love the swirls!”) the Tiny Pineapple Dynasty has new and super-cool tools and a better location. These tools are rather above my head for the moment, but – hey – give me some time.

For now, all bow down to The Guru, ESPECIALLY in undying gratitude for the revolving Cheese Wisdom (how impressive is THAT).

Oh – for the time being, I haven’t any idea how to send notifications (please don’t weep my many eager readers – ha, ha?) though I should still land in peoples’ feeds. I wish, personally, I liked feeds more (as they are undeniably handy), but I cannot get over the feeling that they are a little like Reader’s Digest Abridged Books and that I am missing something.